List Recorder: The best eyes-free list organizer on the iPhone

List Recorder app icon

List Recorder is an iPhone app that combines making lists with an easy to use, yet powerful audio recorder. The result is a handy app that lets you quickly jot down and organize information as text, audio or both. But what makes List Recorder special is its ability to be used eyes-free and its use of custom motions and gestures.

Navigate through your lists with taps and tilts. Check items with swipes. Wipe out with a back flip. You’ll feel like you have a magic wand that talks to you as List Recorder responds to your waves and touches.

It’s quick and easy to record a note. Tilt right and tap: you’ve got a new item. One more tap and you’re recording. Give it a title and text or just tilt left and go back to the list view. Organize in whatever way you want by sorting and creating lists within lists.

What can you store in List Recorder?

  • Ideas you have when you’re not at your desk
  • Notes about a project you are reviewing
  • Information about someone you just met
  • Information given to you by phone or face-to-face conversation
  • Checklist of recurring tasks or purchases
  • Price and comments about an item in a store
  • Part of a piece of music you are hearing so you can find information about it later

If you are visually impaired, use List Recorder to record someone read or describe:

  • An important piece of mail
  • A printed article or ad
  • Product information including model and serial numbers
  • A recipe
  • The URL to a web site
  • Your current surroundings

List Recorder is a fun, flexible and easy to use organizer with strong audio capability. If you use VoiceOver, you’ll appreciate how it enhances the way VoiceOver reads text fields and doesn’t lose your place in your lists.

List recorder is simply the best eyes-free list organizer on the iPhone.


  • Easy to use yet powerful audio recorder with slider control and level meter
  • Tilt motions provide shortcuts to clean and retreat, toggle edit mode and toolbar buttons
  • Back flip motion to wipe out items or undo actions
  • List view summarizes item’s information in an easy to read format
  • Audio preview plays an item’s audio from list view
  • Sort items by Date, Title, Checked, Audio length, Text length or Manual sequence
  • List within lists
  • Create a new list from checked items, copy items from the clipboard
  • Swipe right to check an item
  • Perform functions on checked items including sort, delete, copy and make list

Features exclusive to VoiceOver:

  • Custom push gesture to read an item’s details
  • VoiceOver cursor position maintained
  • Item’s text can be read sentence by sentence
  • Keyboard pops up only in edit mode
  • Optimized audio descriptions