List Recorder Podcasts

The podcast menu lists three catagories of podcasts:

1. Eric's Podcasts - A series of podcasts by Eric Caron covering the basics as well as finer points. Learn to use List Recorder to do specific tasks and get the most out of it.

2. User Podcasts - List Recorder users have created podcasts to explain how they use it. You'll find podcasts from a variety of sources. Most are in English, but there are Spanish podcasts as well. If you know of other List Recorder podcasts, let us know and we'll list them here.

3. Podcast Archives - Older podcasts that we still enjoy listening to.

How to listen to these podcasts

Eric's podcasts, as well as some of the others, are played using the Sixth Mode Audio Clip Player - we call it the "Clipper" for short. The Clipper provides an optimal way to listen to a podcast whether you are sighted, low vision or use a screen reader. Click the "Play Podcast" link in the podcast's entry to experience the rich variety of audio controls on the podcast's Clipper page.

The Clipper page includes visual controls as well as two types of links for controlling audio playback. The links under the "Audio Controls" header include play, pause and positioning functions, as well as a download and help link. The best part is what you'll find under the "Table of Clips" header: a list of links you can click to get right to the described segment of the podcast.

We hope you enjoy the Sixth Mode Audio Clip Player as well as the podcasts you'll find in these menus. The web page below provides additional information about the Sixth Mode Audio Clip Player for both users and web authors.